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Mõtus, translated from Latin, means inspired and moved. Motus Media is a culmination of over 20 years working in branded content and entertainment with some of the largest entertainment, gaming, b to b and video companies in the space. We’re focusing on the best creative and marketing tactics that yield the best results for our clients. The video, social and mobile adtech space is quickly evolving and will only become more important as our consumption screens become more responsive, sophisticated and permeate into our daily lives even more.

Arkady Fridman

A New Yorker and a media executive for over 20 years, Arkady has guided several innovative startups on how to build out their sales and go-to-market strategy. In addition to private consulting, he has built and managed high performance sales teams. At Sponsorpay's US BrandEngage (now Fyber), he built and supervised a team which grew revenue in a new U.S. market from zero to over seven figures. Arkady has also held senior sales management roles at AdKnowledge, Live Nation, Business.com, Hoover’s and Nielsen Media (publisher brands included Billboard, Adweek, Brandweek, Hollywood Reporter and BackStage). He has built extensive national campaigns across mobile, desktop and out-of-home initiatives for brands like Bose, Samsung, Disney, American Express, Sony, GoDaddy, Microsoft, IBM, Sotheby’s, Bandai Namco and many others through client direct and agency relationships. Arkady studied Biology at the University of Toronto and Marketing at New York University.  
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